wmg printing

One of our direction of business is printing. WMG is official representative of Oriental Group Company in the countries of CIS, Baltic
States and Mongolia.

Since its conception in 1952, Oriental Grouphas grown and become a major global printing organization, that exports its products to more than 100 countries the world over.

With our modern printing factories in Dubai and Bahrain, and sales and marketing offices in the Middle East and Europe, Oriental Group has garnered an enviable list of clients, that have remained loyal to the company over many decades. A wide range of high-quality products from each of the company's four subdivisions are produced here:

- Book and magazine production
- Commercial printing
- Strict reporting documents
- Digital printing

Oriental Group's commitment to investing in the newest technologies and equipment has made it a leading producer in the Middle East, providing innovative and flexible services to its –esteemed clients.
In August 2008, Oriental Group opened a new 23,000-m2 factory in Bahrain specializing in printing magazines and advertising materials, annual reports, greeting cards, personalized products, postal and excise stamps, bank cheques, stocks, bonds, certificates, airline tickets, railway tickets and many other kinds of high-quality print product.

The other production facility, located in Jebel-Ali district, Dubai, focuses on a broad spectrum of colour book production, the bulk of which is exported to global markets.
Oriental Group has invested much capital in the newest equipment, including new 6 and 8 colour printing presses in order to improve the current capacities of our factory and offer our clients a wide range of services, planning for their future needs for new products.

Oriental Group continues to develop its quality and corporate environmental policies, and the environmental strategy of the Company has been praised for the cutting edge approach. The company also conducts ongoing training and skills development programme for its staff, in order to guarantee that the most valuable assets - its employees - meet all of consumers' needs in this fast-changing world and remain competitive.

Oriental Group's strict reporting forms are printed at a subdivision that has traditionally been at the centre of the printing business for this type of product in the Middle East. It all began with the production of postal stamps for the domestic market in Bahrain, and later grew into printing airline documents, producing a wide variety of forms, such as freight bills of lading, airline tickets, boarding passes, etc.

The subdivision focusing on printing strict reporting forms was one of the first on the regional market to print string reporting forms for financial organizations, and as of today, produces a multitude of specialized documents for many leading financial institutions.

With the launch of the new plant in Bahrain using modern strict reporting printing equipment, Oriental Group offers its clients a confidential advisory approach, providing the cutting edge of document printing technologies including the newest types of holograms, unique types of paint and ink, and many modern document counterfeit protection options.


Levels of security

These are just a few of the levels of security used in the design of documents that we can print:

  1. Unique guilloche design
  2. Colour-shifting ink
  3. Micro text
  4. Micro perforation
  5. Nano text
  6. Holograms and embossing
  7. Visible and invisible ink
  8. Anti-copying effect
  9. Other document security features

Strict reporting documents

Some types of strict reporting documents with various degrees ofsecurity made at our factory:

  1. Postal and excise stamps
  2. Bank cheque books
  3. Stocks and bonds
  4. Air letters05. Airline tickets
  5. Air freight bills
  6. Railway tickets
  7. Insurance policies
  8. Travellers' cheques
  9. Certificates