One of our activities is an organization of seminars, training and study tour programs for representatives of small and medium enterprises of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. Not unimportant role in this sector, we allot to conduct specialised study tours for various industries to examine the experience and technology of foreign companies, to establish partnerships, creation of joint ventures, attracting investments to Kazakhstan.

Together with our partners from Russia and Europe, we have prepared and conducted seminars and study tour programs in Europe for representatives of different companies of various sectors of Economy of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. For companies working in tourism we organised several seminars and workshops in Italy, Germany, UK, Hungary and Austria. Study tours have become a tradition for confectionery manufacturers that we hold annually in different European countries. We conducted a series of training programs for the restaurant and hotel business, and planning to continue working in this direction in the future.

For top managers and specialists of dental clinics of Kazakhstan we organized a special practical Study Tour Program in Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, in the partnership with different European dental clinics and manufacturers of medical equipment.

WMG start cooperation with German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology and together with this Academy and other partners in Europe we organised the European Study Tour Program for leaders and specialists of Kazakhstani energy colleges. This program was held on Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Germany and we also planning to continue our activities in this area.